Mortgage protection

If you have a mortgage it is probably your largest and most important outgoing. If you were to die unexpectedly how would your family cope and be able to afford to stay in their home?

This type of protection is designed to pay off your mortgage debt should either mortgage holder die. It means that your family can stay in the matrimonial home should you die.

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Whole of life plans

This type of cover is generally taken out in later life to help pay for funeral expenses and associated costs. Cover lasts for the whole of your life and should you die, the sum assured is paid out to your chosen beneficiary.

This type of protection is frequently used to help in succession planning and mitigation of inheritance tax liabilities.

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Critical illness cover

This type of cover pays you a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses or medical conditions during the term of your cover.

The key point to note is you do not have to die to benefit from this type of cover.

The lump sum is tax free and can be used to help you and your family cope financially during this difficult time in your life.

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Income protection plans

These plans pay you a monthly cash benefit if you are unable to work due to sickness or an accident.

These types of plans are ideal for self employed people or those employees with only limited sick pay at work.

Homemakers who stay at home and do not work can also benefit from this valuable type of protection.

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Life insurance: (term assurance)

If you have a partner, children or debts you need life cover to help your dependants financially should you die.

Insurance can be simple to arrange and it provides peace of mind for your family. The monthly cost can be set at an affordable price, then the duration of the policy and its level of cover is chosen to match your requirements.

Our experts can help you with these important decisions.

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