About us

About us

Here at Life Policy Review we understand that protecting yourself, your dependants or your business are very important financial decisions, putting off making these decisions can be costly and have far reaching consequences for those you leave behind.

The good news is that 'we are here to help you'.

Having the right level and type of protection, at a competitive cost is vital in the modern world and making the right choice is not easy nowadays with such a proliferation of products and providers.

Life Policy Review only use fully regulated and authorised personnel to discover your needs and then source the most appropriate policy at an affordable price.

Our experts can quickly assess your protection needs and then search the major providers for the most attractive price.

You and your dependants can have peace of mind from the knowledge that:

  • You have the right protection in place
  • The policy is set up in trust
  • You have a competitive priced plan
  • You can easily afford the premiums

Our specialists who are fully qualified protection experts are regulated by the financial services conduct authority so you can rely upon our best advice promise.

To check out your existing policy for its adequacy or for a new policy simply contact us on our contact forms or ring to speak to one of our advisers.