The life policy review process

Explanation of the life policy review process

We will guide you fully through our process.

Our fully qualified experts can quickly assess your needs from the information you provide on our assessment form.

If we are comparing prices and levels of cover, we will search the marketplace and report back to you with our findings.

If you are seeking a new protection plan we will seek out the most appropriate plan for your needs and report back with our best deals.

We have arrangements and relationships in place with the major protection providers they offer you a competitive price for your business and they then pay us a remuneration to help cover our costs.

If you wish to proceed we will guide you and finalise the transaction in one of the following methods:

  • Over the phone
  • Face to face meeting
  • Electronically
  • Postal service
  • We will only contact you at a time which best suits you

Our experts will work with you to make the process simple and easy.